Recording guitars with a DIY Isolation Cabinet (+ how to build one)

Category: Howto
Duration: 00:06:09
A tutorial about recording guitars at home the slightly quieter way, with a DIY isolation cabinet, or iso box.

I built it in 2007, after being inspired by Matthias IA Eklundh recordings (e.g. his freak guitar albums are recorded with one).

In this video:
I'll show you how I built it
how to record with it
and everything else that should be interesting

Check my older videos for some fully produced songs that I recorded with my isolation box:
Purple Organ (rock sounds)
Georg F - Purple Organ
Riverdance Theme (clean and vintage lead sound)
Riverdance Theme on guitar
Adagio for Strings (clean and mellow sounds)
Adagio For Strings - "Bridge of Sighs"-style (abridged)
Benny Hill Theme (country clean, sort of)
Benny Hill Theme / Yakety Sax / Yakety Axe
Castlevenia - some theme (Neoclassical shred)
Castlevania - "Prayer of a tragic queen" on guitar

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