Bauer - Aa

By home, 2017-01-04
Bauer - Aa
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My Wall o' Cassettes

By home, 2016-07-14
My Wall o' Cassettes

I posted this Vine panning across a portion of my beautiful wall of cassettes.

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Rockin DIY

By home, 2014-12-07
Rockin DIY is a home recording strudio technique blog by Ronnie Q Pistons. Topics including: general recording info, soundproofing/acoustic treatment, microphone info, monitors/headphone, software/plugins, guitar stuff, drum stuff, etc. Ronnie also finds links to outside info about such things as how to set up amplifier isolation cabinets to DIY XLR cables. is an excellent resource to make your home studio recordings shine brighter.

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Wet Dreams - Obscure Music Blog

By home, 2014-10-17
Wet Dreams - Obscure Music Blog

Don Campau posted this to Facebook today. Wet Dreams is an obscure music blog with lots of cassette rars from the 80's, along with more recent underground sounds, mostly electronic, experimental.

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1000 Flights -- Obscure Music Blog
Rodent Tapes' Ralph Gypsy Bevis has a new blog about the obscure music from his archive, among other things:

"My aim is to talk about obscure and rare productions which I accomulated in my personal collection.Some stuff is mine,some other produced by good friends of mine,some other by bands/artists whom I do not know by person.I am only posting here very old stuff that it`s not available now days."
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Welcome to GAJOOB Magazine

By home, 2014-10-05
Welcome to GAJOOB Magazine

GAJOOB began life as a print zine about cassette culture in 1987, edited and published by Bryan F. Baker. It's been online in various forms since 1992. is a new format and Bryan is currently building the content from a personal archive of many thousands of indie and DiY cassettes, CDRs, vinyl and other albums, as well as letters, photos, and other material sent to GAJOOB from the very beginning.

GAJOOB Magazine also features new releases, focusing, as always, on music with a more or less independent ethic. We list digital-only and netlabel online releases as well. Our listings often include interviews and discussions, embedded streaming audio, video, photos, letters, etc. Artist profiles evolve over time as these things are added. 

See GAJOOB on Youtube where we vlog about new and old music featured here.

Submission Guide

Send releases by mail to:

PO Box 25665
Salt Lake City, UT 84125

We welcome homemade or otherwise self-made releases on CDr, cassette or whatever.

Digital, online-only releases are listed as well. Please submit them via the contact link under Menu in the top menu bar.

Thank  you.

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