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Eric Blakely - Uncle John's Farm

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Eric Blakely - Uncle John's Farm

Eric Blakely: "I used several musicians from around Austin, all of who are on the cover photo, with the exception of Paul Colllns and Chris Von Snider. Paul and Chris contributed some backing vocals . Paul Collins haseveral albums to his cred it. and had a hit in 1980 with a song called, "Rock And Roll Girl." Whan I had a rock band in the early 80's in California , I used to do shows with his band called Paul Collins Beat. He had just been passing through Austin, we ran into each other , hung out for a few days and he ended up coming in the studio to sing on a couple tracks . He was traveling with Chris who is from the San Francisco Band, Flying Colour. The title track is a song that I wrote for my Uncle who died in 1980. I came across a journal I had kept from the year he died, and had discovered I had never had a chance to thank him for all the things he had done for me. That's what set this whole project in motion."

GAJOOB #7:  Uncle John's Farm is distinguished by Blakely's excellent songwriting and guitar work, along with a host of backing musicians playing a variety of acoustic-oriented instruments : cello, banjo, harmonica and aocordlon. Styles range from down-home country barn-burners to more personal observations. Blakely writes about real life and reveals something in the process - about him and about you. And what makes this such an enjoyable tape ls the obvious love of music making In evidence by all involved. Highly recommended. -- Bryan Baker

Selections are available on the CD The Payne Anthology, from CDBaby.

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Uncle John's Farm


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