Bryan Baker - Blind Mime Confessions Vol. 1

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This CD by Bryan Baker was produced in 2001 and manufactured by Homemade Music. The CD comes in a cardboard sleeve with song notes on the back. In making the songs on this album, Bryan worked with sources featuring  Rotcod Zzaj, Scott Carr, Charlie DeVico, Kelli Wise, John McCoy, Gregg Allen, Bev Standon, Lisa Moscatiello, Karen Howe, Allye Baker, Ian Stewart, Michael J. Bowman, John Gray, Chris Phinney, JP Bergman, Edward Scott Parks and Linda Smith. Songs: 1) Brings 2) Kite On s String 3)Ache 4) Rain Come Down 5) I Love My Machine 6) I'm Watching 7) If I Fell Off This Earth Tonight 8) On a Saturday 9) Television 10) Say It 11) When the Joker Laughs 12) Go Forward.


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