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I (Dimitrious) formed Acumen in Los Angeles in 1988. We've released 1 EP cassette "James & The Acumen , and three full length albums (CD only) - "THINK" (93) & "OUT OF BALANCE" (97) and new album, "DIVERSITY". Acumen has toured consistantly since the release of "THINK" in January of 1993. Acumen's music is a culmination of song writing efforts of Dimitrious James and original song writing partner David P. Bedinghaus, which developed into its own unique approach, style, and niche. Acumen's live line up has seen numerous changes since it's original line up in '88. ACUMEN now includes female singer Cyndy Teseniar, Drummer Tim O'Neill, Guitarist Justin Todhunter, and Bassist Jared Manker.

Review - Cassette 1993

Acumen - Think

This band has a great knack for vocal melodies, layering them with a wide variety of techniques, complete with (at times) somewhat overwrought... -- read post


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